sterling silver RINGS WITH STONES


We can manufacture and ship  wholesale jewelry orders directly from Thailand or from our  wholesale silver jewelry office in the U.S. Please call for jewelry price quotes on large quantities.    We also stock a large inventory of wholesale sterling silver jewelry, including rings, toe rings etc. for immediate shipment in the U.S.


Silver rings with stones are shipped in 36 piece  or 72 piece trays. They can also be mixed any way you like them (for instance 2 dozen small rings 2 dozen medium and 2 dozen large rings)

Since we are constantly designing and manufacturing our wholesale silver jewelry styles  there are  many sterling silver jewelry designs and non- sterling wholesale fashion jewelry designs that are not shown on our web- site.  If you click on the blinking  catalog icon at the  top of the page  it will take  you to catalog page where  you can view a  good representation of our wholesale silver jewelry selection, and other wholesale jewelry.