Thank You for your interest in our jewelry 

Unfortunately, we do not have a catalog because we get new styles every week. 

 There are many more than you see on our web site.   


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We sell our rings in trays of 72 pieces , or half trays of 36 pieces.

Our women's bands are 4.50 each in the assortment, including butterflies, flowers, filigree, Celtics, rolling bands, etc.. 


Click on the picture to see an example of a half-tray of women's  band rings



Men's bands are 6.00 in a tray of 72 or half-tray of 36  click on picture to see an example

We also carry a full line of toe rings, stone rings, spin rings,  etc.

Also Hemp Jewelry ,wood jewelry shell jewelry and tons more ....


If you have any questions or would like to order please call me at



 Thanks Howard .... Silver Sun Jewelry